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Our standards of excellence have exceeded all industry standards. Our BBB accredited business rating and outstanding record with the FMC confirm our high standards. Thus, whether you are moving household goods, vehicle(s), boat(s), or your precious pet(s), you will be comfortable knowing that Grace International Relocations will take care of all aspects of your relocation.

We also offer “In House” Real Estate services / currency conversion & transfers / packing material sales & delivery.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Hi We are moving from SF Bay area to Izmir, Turkey… We had never done this before, and needless to say, were worried about shipping. I contacted many many companies, and received many quotes. Some were very low (beware!) and some were very high, and then I did some research and came to this excellent website! I contacted Michael Gilbert, and he gave us a middle of the road quote. Going on the good reviews from this site, I decided to trust them and gave them the deal. Mr. Gilbert was very courteous, very helpful with all the repeated questions by me, then again with my husband, and never got frustrated. He did not send anyone, however, to see the shipment beforehand, which I wish he h…