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10 Most forgotten items in a move.

Moving to a new home is a hectic task.
With all the activities happening even a skilled planner tends to forget the little details. The following is a list of some of the 10 Most Forgotten Items in a move. Having this handy checklist with you during the move will save a lot of inconvenience later.

1. Health Records:
Get the medical and dental records for everyone in the family. Don’t forget to get the veterinary records for your pets. Be sure to have records of all vaccines and immunizations in one folder. In certain cases notarized letters may be necessary. Check for details about the requirements from the American Medical Records Association.

2. School Records:
Your child’s permanent school records are important documents necessary to enroll in the new school. Often copies of the records are not sufficient. Documents with an official seal on them are better.

3. Appliances:
Be sure your freezer, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher are empty.

4. Destination Address:
This is easily forgotten as it is new. Have this address in your wallet. Post it in a prominent place in your new home so the whole family has access to it.

5. Banking:
Collect everything stored in safe deposit boxes and get them transferred to your new Bank.

6. Garage Door Openers:
Don’t forget to take the electric garage door opener out of your car. Leave it in a prominent place for the new owner of your old home.

7. Dry Cleaning:
Have you collected the clothes that you sent for dry-cleaning?

8. Disconnect / Cancel
Did you notify the electric company, gas company, phone company, cable company, water company, cellular phone company, bottled water company, etc?

9. Spare Keys:
Collect all the spare keys. The ones you might have hidden under the rocks and another set that might be with the neighbor/handyman/housekeeper. Hand over all the keys to the new owner.

10. List Of Who To Notify:
•  Post Office
•  Telephone
•  Public Utilities
•  Friends / Family
•  Church
•  Financial Institutions
•  Delivery Services
•  School Records
•  Newspapers / Magazines
•  Insurance Companies
•  Doctors
•  Lawyer
•  Department of Motor Vehicles
•  TV Cable Service

This is only a partial list of the million little details to remember when moving.

Ask friends and family what their biggest moving mistake was so that you can know what else to avoid.