Air Transportation is the fastest mode of International Shipping.  You should always consider airfreight transportation of items that you and/or your family will need immediately upon arriving in your destination country (i.e., essentials that cannot wait) until your sea-bound shipment arrives.

The determining cost of airfreight is weight. It is based on a 10.4 density factor or actual gross weight, whichever is greater.

LDN container, 56″ x 55″ x 57″ / 101cft, with an actual gross weight of 500lbs. The chargeable weight for 101cft by the airlines is 1050lbs based on 10.4 density factor. Thus, your airfreight rate is based on 1050lbs.


The two manners in which to ship by air are:

  1. Priority Airfreight – Your consignment would be booked on a direct flight. This can be organized on a door to door or door to airport basis.
  2. Consolidation Airfreight – Consolidation of your freight means that Grace International Relocations can offer you a reduced rate by bringing other shipments with the same destination together. This can be organized on a door to door or door to airport basis.* On a door to door basis, this includes pick-up, customs clearance and delivery on arrival.
    * On a door to airport basis, this includes pick-up and our office or agent will notify the consignee on arrival for clearance and delivery instructions.