At Grace International Relocations, we realize that pets are not just animals, they are very special members of your family. During your busy relocation it is important that your “furry kids” receive the care needed for them to travel safely and comfortably to their new home. Realizing that you will probably have lots to manage during this busy time, many pet owners (and their pets) benefit from using a professional pet transport service.

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Transporting your pet is usually much more complicated than transporting yourself or a “human” family member. Whereas people can simply purchase a ticket and catch a cab to the airport, your pets travel arrangements are much more complex. Pet travel is governed by a number of Agencies, including:

• Airlines (each has different policies)
• International Air Transport Association
• US Dept of Agriculture
• Importing country (when travelling overseas)
• US Fisheries & Wildlife Service

These Agencies don’t report to each other, nor do they offer guidance on regulations imposed by other Agencies. Guidelines can be conflicting, contradictory or incomplete, and change without notice which makes it difficult for pet owners to understand all rules that will govern their pet’s travel. For example, the USDA website is sadly outdated and does not offer advice on airline or IATA regulations.

All countries have different requirements for veterinary documentation. While veterinarians are fantastic at providing veterinary treatments, many veterinarians prefer that their veterinary export documentation is independently reviewed for compliance prior to your pet’s departure, by a professional pet shipper who will assume responsibility for your pets travel.

Questions that many pet owners need to consider include:
• Will you have vehicles large enough to transport your pet/s to and from the airport
• Will your pet benefit from being collected and boarded while you are packing your old house, and moving to your new home?
• Do you have a travel crate, and does it meet the latest airline and IATA requirements?
• Do you have a travel crate that meets the latest “sizing” requirements?
• Will hot or cold weather impact on your pets travel? Most airlines will not take pets across hot/cold airport tarmacs in extreme weather, making it impossible to board or unload from aircraft.

When travelling overseas, other questions include:
• What are the regulations for my pet to enter my new country?
• How do I understand all the travel and entry regulations when they are conflicting or incomplete?
• Who can guide my vet on correct treatments?
• Who can check that vet treatments are documented correctly?
• What if I need to travel before my pet?
• Can my pet travel on a direct flight?
• How can my pet travel on connecting flights which are operated by different airlines? (Airlines don’t transfer pets to other airlines during transit)
• What if my pet needs a part-day or overnight “comfort-stop” while waiting for connecting flights?
• Does my preferred airline allow me to take a pet as part of my baggage allowance, or must it be booked to travel as cargo?
• How can I manage customs clearance in a new country, with different language and cultures?
• Is it practical for me to arrive in my new country with all my baggage, kids AND my pet at the same time?
• Do I need to make my new home “escape-proof” or “animal friendly” before my pet arrives?

Ease your workload and enjoy peace-of-mind by having your pet’s travel managed by professionals.