Plan Your Move – A Checklist
The challenging task of moving can be managed comfortably by planning well in advance. For a successful move the preparation starts before 2 months. Detailing out each and every phase of the moving event will make the process much easier. Here is a Moving Timeline for you to guide you through the different stages of moving. This is an exhaustive list of what should be done and when.

12 Weeks before an International move
•  Have a house to sell? Grace International Relocations currently has two licensed Realtors that can assist you with listing your home on the market.

6 Weeks before
•  Is your employer paying your moving cost? Know your companies procedures when selecting the moving company. Find out what charges they will cover and what exactly you are expected to do.
•  Make an inventory of what you have. Categorize them into throw away, give away, to be sold and ship.
•  Arrange for a garage sale if needed.
•  Get 3 estimates. Consult your friends/relatives before deciding. Also, the internet is a good source for recommendations.
•  Get a change of address kit from the post office.
•  Notify your move to friends, relatives, neighbors, schools, doctors, dentists, vets, creditors, newspapers, magazines etc. File the copies of the notifications.
•  Create a file for the move and file all the notes, receipts and details of moving in that.

5 Weeks before an International move
•  Start emptying the freezer.
•  Decide on the mover and approach him. Tell him the complete inventory that you intend to move.
•  Arrange for insurance coverage.
•  Cancel magazine subscriptions or have them forwarded to your new address.

4 Weeks before an International move
•  If you are doing the packing yourself, get the boxes, tape, packing paper and box markers ready.
•  Start the packing.
•  Essentials Box: Pack the necessities like towels, tooth brush, toilet tissue, can opener, coffee pot and few dishes in a separate box. You can open this right away after your arrival at the new home.
•  Book hotel rooms if applicable.

3 Weeks before an International move
•  Confirm with the post office about your address change.
•  Give away the things that can’t be packed.
•  On the moving day you may need a sitter for the children and the pets. Arrange for that.

2 Weeks before an International move
•  Make arrangements for shutting off the utilities. Keep the phone service and the power on for a few days after moving day.
•  Have your auto serviced if you are shipping it along with your household goods and personal effects.
•  Set up the pack and load dates of your move with your move director.

1 Week before an International move
•  Confirm the details like date and time of your move with your director.
•  Keep jewelry and other important documents with you.
•  Keep the checking account and the CDs active.
•  Empty the freezer and refrigerator.
•  Return library books and movie rentals.
•  Complete the packing.

Moving Day
•  Make sure your director has destination information ie: phone number – cell number – email address, destination address
•  Take a final look around before the movers leave. Be sure they have loaded everything you want shipped.
•  Keep the thermostat at proper setting.
•  Turn off the appliances.
•  Lock the doors and windows.
•  Give the keys to the right person, a friend or real estate agent as the case may be.

Move-In Day
•  Be there before the movers.
•  Ensure phone service and power is on.
•  Have the check ready for the movers (if applicable).
•  When the movers unload supervise.
•  Check for any damaged items and note any/all damages on inventory next to damaged item.