We do our best to provide the greatest of care and protection by working closely with the best international movers in our industry. Household goods moving from one country to another are exposed to a variety of risks associated with: land, sea, and air transportation; port and terminal activity & possible customs inspection so that damage and/or loss is possible.

“Accidents DO Happen”

Over the past ten years we are aware of the following accidents occurring within the industry, which have resulted in total losses.

* An entire vessel sank.
* Sixty containers were jettisoned in a major Atlantic storm to
ensure the safety of the vessel.
* A container was stolen from the London docks and the contents
were stripped.
* A container train was derailed and overturned creating major damage.
* A landslide in Seattle washed several containers into Puget Sound.

As with insuring your home against fire or other disasters, the odds are very small but the risks exist.  ‘All Risk Marine Transit Insurance’ is designed and written to cover these varied risks.


Grace International Relocations policies offer, provides coverage for most articles used in and around people’s homes including household goods, antiques, fine arts and automobiles.


‘Value Inventory’ is a document listing the most common household goods items.  Appropriate to household relocations is that old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  A few moments spent completing a ‘Valued Inventory’ can save you valuable time and effort in the event that your goods are damaged during relocation. The ‘Valued Inventory’ might seem no more than a simple listing of worldly possessions, but to a claims adjuster it is an invaluable tool aimed at expediting claims.


We have provided the forms you need: