I just wanted to let you know that I used moved from NYC to Manchester, UK based on your site, and they were fantastic!

Not only was the crew really nice, but so were the ‘office’ people in California, responding to email within the hour.

My belongings were picked up, and delivered without a hitch and everything arrived in the condition they left the US.

All in all, I really recommend them for all of your moving needs. They also have the most competitive prices of the market (I’ve looked!).


In December of last year we moved from San Diego to Perth Australia. The cost was roughly $6500 for a 20ft container. It took about four weeks for the shipment to arrive and clear customs. We were very pleased with promptness, professionalism and price.


After a long search for the right moving company I decided to use your company. My inquiry was promptly responded by Donovan. I was explicitly informed about prices and time of delivery. The price compared to other movers was competitive. Donovan was patiently helpful with all questions about custom and other forms. The US-mover picked up our 48 boxes on time.

The English mover informed us about the arrival of the boxes and when they would be forwarded to Portugal. Whenever we had an additional question, we could turn to Donovan and were informed promptly. The boxes were delivered to our house in Portugal exactly on time.

Each one of the 48 boxes looked just like we had seen them 3 months ago. Nothing was broken or damaged, nothing missing, just perfect. It was a pleasure to work with such competent and thorough companies and I would recommend you highly to everybody who has to move.

Brigitte R.

I had a fantastic experience for our move from Sacramento, CA to Canberra, Australia. We shipped a 20′ container and much of it was filled with my husband’s construction tools. Michael Gilbert was GREAT, as was George Cooper, our contact at Aus Van Lines here. Our container was delivered yesterday and everything is fine! The communication we received from everyone was very good, and we had no problems with the customs/quarantine end of things. (We had to have 2 items steam cleaned, but all of this was clearly explained to us). Our price was good too.

We are very happy we chose you!!

Jules P.

hi Kristine. Just to let you know that my crate arrived safely last week…. Thank you so much for a very successful move. Everything was handled so professionally and we are thrilled with it.   🙂

Anita Bermingham

Dear Ed,
We wanted to “close the loop” with you on our recent relocation from CA to Maui. After all the horror stories we heard and read about sleazy moving companies and scams and price gauging, and broken or lost items, etc, we are so pleased to report that our move went off beautifully. We had a terrific crew of movers at both ends – Excel Moving in CA and then Royal Hawaiian here in Maui.

Everyone was friendly, efficient, helpful, pleasant, respectful of our “stuff” and all around fabulous. We are so glad we found you folks and that you have reliable vendors under your wing. Plus, your patience with us and our bzillion questions along the way helped tremendously.

We really wanted to thank you for making this stressful, but exciting, time as smooth as it was.

Nancy & Michael Sparks

My stuff was delivered this morning. Very polite, efficient young men. A pleasure to work with. This whole process has been stress free. – Thank you”   🙂

Emily Johannesen

We are moving from SF Bay area to Izmir, Turkey…

We had never done this before, and needless to say, were worried about shipping. I contacted many many companies, and received many quotes. Some were very low (beware!) and some were very high, and then I did some research and came to this excellent website! I contacted Michael Gilbert, and he gave us a middle of the road quote. Going on the good reviews from this site, I decided to trust them and gave them the deal.

Mr. Gilbert was very courteous, very helpful with all the repeated questions by me, then again with my husband, and never got frustrated. He did not send anyone, however, to see the shipment beforehand, which I wish he had done, but we relied on the many previous on site estimates of our things. I have seen other people mention this is a must, but I think we were good with that. There was a small glitch when we realized that the inside of the lift van was not 200 cu ft, but smaller, and that we had to reevaluate the things we planned to take, but that passed and we set a date for the movers to come. Mr. Gilbert sent two gentlemen from a local company affiliate, Excel, and they came on time and ready to load!

The Excel guys, Daniel and Ken, were fantastic. They knew what they were doing and put everything into the lift van, Tetris style! I should mention that my husband had arranged the boxes into an autocad program on his computer, to see how to fit them best, which turned out to be helpful, but not necessary. Daniel and Ken were professionals and left not even a hair space open.

Since we are planning a short trip to the east coast to see family for christmas, we were worried about the shipment getting there too soon. Mr. Gilbert was kind enough to offer a short delay to the next ship coming, so that we would get there just before it was scheduled to come. He did this without charging us a penny extra.

So far, both get 5 stars and a big thank you from us… I will keep you posted!

We moved about 2000 lbs of goods from Seattle to Melbourne, Australia and everything went very smoothly and all of our goods arrived with no damage to anything.

We highly recommend this company. Michael Gilbert was our contact and was very responsive to all my questions both prior to and after the packing up of our goods. The local agent in Seattle (Tacoma) was Lincoln Moving and Storage and in Australia it was Transglobal Shipping and Storage. Both local agents also provided excellent service.

We obtained quotes from Rainier and Stevens. Rainier gave us a quote for shipment of 10,000 lbs of goods to Sydney – far exceeding the weight of what we wanted shipped and to the wrong city. Stevens gave us a quote that underestimated the weight and cubic feet but was still higher than what Southern Winds quoted.

Their final estimate was within 150 lbs of the final weight and 15 cubic feet of the final volume. Transit time was also within what was quoted (5-6 weeks).